Homeowners Association Voting On Automated Gates

HOA SignWe live in a large community and everyone here knows and trusts their neighbor. That is one of the main reasons we want to talk to everyone in the community about automated gates. We aren’t proposing that everyone in our community put up a fence around their lawn and an automatic gate opening at every driveway. We simply want to have everyone consider the option to have an automatic gate at the entrance to our neighborhood. As a group, the homeowner’s association voting on automated gates has been showing that everyone is in favor of it, but for those who are not always in attendance, we want to explain our reasoning.

Safety Matters

We live in a world where a lot of bad things can happen. Homes are broken into, children have to be kept close to the house and parents feel they need to watch over them at all times to keep them safe, and you simply never know who you can trust. That is why we feel it would be good to have an automated gate. It would ensure safety.

We have a beautiful community here with nice homes and where children can play safely with their friends. The gates would increase the safety of everyone within our community and it would ensure that unwanted guests are kept away from our homes and our families.No Trespassing Sign

Gate Security

Our gates would work by remote so that all you would have to do is pull near it and push a button. It would open and close behind you once you were through it. You wouldn’t have to worry about getting out of your vehicle in the rain and opening the gate. That is the beauty of the driveway gates for sale that we have found. They offer no inconvenience to the people who call our community home, but they can protect us from outsiders that we do not know or want near our homes.

The Gated Community

The only changes that you would have to make as we transition into a gated community is that you would have to inform people who come to visit you of the new gate that is in place. If you have a visitor coming you can go to the gate and push the remote so that they can enter. If you are not in a position where you can venture out to open the gate, a phone call will be enough to get your visitor inside. We are not trying to prevent you from having company and we are not trying to lock you away. We simply feel that it is a great way to have everyone in our neighborhood know that they are safe. We enjoy watching children have freedom and parents a little relaxation. We like knowing that when our neighbors go to sleep at night, they do so without worry about what may come tomorrow. That is why we are voting on automated gates and hope that you will support our efforts to keep everyone safe.