Summer Time Pests Around The Lake

Its All Good At The LakeOur community is a beautiful place. Everyone here enjoys the lake and all that it has to offer. The one thing that most people do not enjoy is the summer time pests that come to visit us, where we live, each year. Some people acknowledge that it is all a part of living in paradise. Others want to know how they can enjoy the summer when spending time out on the water means they must suffer from itching bites.

For the Love of Summer

Most of us moved to our beautiful lakeside area as a way to have easier access to the water during the summer months. What most people do not realize when moving into this area is the constant battle with bugs they will have to undertake, just to enjoy a day on the water. As a part of the homeowner’s association, it is something that we discuss at most meetings and we are constantly looking for ways to stop mosquitoes and no see ums from being so rotten that we feel stuck indoors when the weather and the water are at the ideal temperatures for us and the bugs.


Our Discoveries

Chemicals are the easiest way to get rid of biting insects, but it is not always the ideal solution to keeping them away. Sprays, foggers, and even insect repellent that you wear are all temporary fixes that do nothing to solve the issue. Therefore, we searched the internet to find out how to get rid of no see ums and mosquitoes. We feel that we may have found the solution, but it will take everyone working together. We think that mosquito traps offer our best solution because it not only keeps the bugs from bugging you, but it can put the mosquito population in our neighborhood on the extinct list.

How Traps Can Help

No see ums and mosquitoes share a similar trait. They like warm-blooded animals and humans. They need water and moisture to use as breeding grounds. That is why they plague our summers so much. We have all the damp grounds that they could possibly want between the lake and trees. The homeowners who live here and their pets provide a constant food source. It is a match made in paradise for the bugs, not so much for us.

Traps work by becoming more inviting than the people. They emit carbon dioxide and mimic the human being in every way. The trick is, instead of swatting the ones it feels land on it, it entices the mosquitoes and no see ums to venture near and then sucks them in. They stay trapped until they die and it is fewer bugs that you have to deal with bugging you.

This means, if everyone in our community chooses to stand together and take part in the battle of the bugs, we can perhaps enjoy our summer a little more. With that, it is still going to be necessary for a while to protect yourself with other types of repellents and sprays. This is unavoidable and unfortunate, but together we can eliminate summer time pests and bites.